Mountain Front Market has a wide assortment of books and videos, including FOOD, INC and many recipe books in it’s lending library for you to check out and return.  The MFM library also includes informational and recipe books for sale.

Books and DVDs to check out include:

The The Polyface Farm DVD
The Complete Guide to Natural Healing
The Family Guide to Homeopathy
Another Season Cookbook
More with Less
The Social Network Diet
The Paleo Diet
Bread for All Seasons
Soup and Bread
Nourishing Traditions
Wild Fermentation
Untold Story of Milk
Healing Plants of the Rocky Mountains
Gluten Free Mama’s
Food, Inc.

Books for sale:

Nourishing Traditions
More with Less
Healthy 4 Life from the Weston A. Price Foundation
Simply in Season
Saving the Seasons
The Pea & Lentil Cookbook
Extending the Table